Vision of You is a self-paced, interactive program to keep your student interested and engaged in online learning.  Sample a few games and activities on this page to get an idea of how your student will be learning new information in a fun way.

Park Scene - Red/Green Flags Game


During this activity your student will identify red flags or unhealthy behaviors and green flags or healthy behaviors of relationships.  

This activity takes place towards the end of a unit after students have learned about red flags and green flags, seen videos of teens in examples of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, and have learned about clear and effective communication with partners.  


STI Game

This game is played at the very end of the STI unit to test students’ knowledge on what they learned about STI’s as well as preventing and treating STI’s in a fun and entertaining way.  



There are many videos throughout the curriculum.  This is so that your student can learn health information through relevant teen experiences.  Students get to know the characters whose stories are developed throughout the curriculum

Character Scenario

This is an example of a character scenario.  Students will get character scenarios at the end of units that relate to the storyline of their avatar.  These character scenarios allow students to take the information they have learned throughout the unit and apply it to likely real-life scenarios.  

mod 4 pg 24 char scenario.jpg