What is the VPREIS study?

The Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services at JMU is implementing the state-wide “Virginia Personal Responsibility Education Program Innovative Strategies project” (VPREIS) to serve youth residing in areas of Virginia with high teen birth rates, that demonstrate elevated risk factors for experiencing or causing a teen pregnancy, and contracting sexually transmitted infections (STI), including HIV/AIDS. The VPREIS initiative is a comprehensive, collaborative effort that will emphasize both abstinence and contraception and address the adulthood preparation subjects of healthy relationships, healthy life skills, adolescent development, and parent-child communication in order to increase knowledge and skills, and change behaviors among vulnerable populations. The VPREIS initiative is using JMU Teen Pregnancy Prevention’s Vision of You (VOY) curriculum as an interactive, self-paced online intervention to be implemented and rigorously evaluated using a random controlled trial design with the following vulnerable high-school aged youth populations: 1) youth serving sentences in Virginia’s juvenile detention centers; 2) youth attending alternative education and/or night school programs; and 3) youth referred to Community Services Board programs. 

The project will involve 15 partners and 15 sites across Virginia. A total of 1000 youth will participate in the rigorous evaluation study during the implementation phase to evaluate the VOY curriculum. Students who are not randomly assigned to complete the VOY curriculum can complete the optional nutrition program Eat, Move, Win here.

Vision of You is an updated, comprehensive sexuality education program that delivers eight sessions through an innovative online and self-paced format. Crucial to this program’s success is its partnership with both state and local entities which ensure greater project support, success and sustainability. We’re looking forward to working with each partner and site to 1) reduce the frequency of sexual activity; 2) reduce the number of sexual partners; and 3) increase contraceptive use among participants. Finally, we also want to increase adulthood preparation subject knowledge and skills among participants to include healthy relationships, healthy life skills, parent-child communication, and adolescent development. 

Project Goals

The overall goal is to reduce pregnancies, births, and STIs among high-risk youth populations in rural Virginia. The overall objectives are to:

  1. Target youth populations that are at highest risk of teen pregnancy

  2. Rigorously evaluate the Vision of You program using a randomized controlled trial design

  3. Manualize and package the Vision of You program

  4. Disseminate lessons learned, best practices, and relevant findings

  5. To provide a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum that is inclusive and culturally relevant

Program Goals

Vision of You (VOY) is an interactive, self-paced online sexuality education program that uses engaging video, animation, interactive components, and gamification principles to provide information, skills, and change behavior. 

Participant Goals

  1. A reduction in the frequency of sexual activity.

  2. A reduction in the number of sexual partners.

  3. An increase in contraceptive use.

  4. An increase in adulthood preparation subject knowledge and skills (healthy relationships, healthy life skills, parent-child communication, and adolescent development).