Roles and Responsibilities (Site vs. JMU)

The site is responsible for recruiting eligible participants and obtaining student assent and parent/guardian consent. JMU is available to help out with events, meetings, other recruitment tools but we can’t reach out to students or parents ourselves, especially minors. 


JMU provides the site with the forms or electronic links to obtain it. We also can track the electronic consent and see who has signed.


If the parent/guardian returns the form and says “yes” that their child can participate we will mail their incentive directly to them. If they say “no” we will mail the parent incentive directly to your site for you to distribute to the parent.  The student incentives work differently depending on which survey they’re doing. For the immediate post-program survey, we are sending them to your site for you all to distribute. For the 3- and 9-month surveys, if the student is still at your site, the incentive will be mailed to you to distribute to the student. If not, Kayla will mail it to the student individually. If your site will be receiving incentives in the mail, we will notify you by email first to let you know to be looking out for them.


Kayla is doing follow up in a number of ways with youth. Doing the best she can to keep the contact forms updated and reaching out to the sites when needed to get updated information or help with contacting someone.